Anna made me feel comfortable and offers great insight. Her caring nature elicits honest dialog.

Anna is a qualified and competent professional. She is kind, patient, and reliable. I would recommend her to anyone looking to find balance and wellness.

Anna Has always has been the one to shed light on any situation. She has been my rock and taught me how to put myself first. Whenever I doubted myself or my decisions Anna has always brought clarity to them. She doesn't judge or force. She is gentle and passionate about making others feel good in their own skin.

Anna is an authentic, present and compassionate clinician. She has an innate ability to sum up situations with a well balanced perspective. She is quintessential professional whose is caring service is unique and refreshing. She is incredibly committed and invested in supporting others to access their highest sense of self and well being. She is an absolute joy to work with and know.

I have worked with Anna for several years now and I have yet to meet someone with such a calm,compassionate and patient demeanor. Anna has such a genuine wholehearted way of listening and being present that by doing so, she allows others to give themselves permission to open up and feel heard. Anna’s approach to counseling is holistic in that it focuses on the whole person, guiding them on a personal journey to find balance in their lives as a means to maximize personal growth and development.